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The athlete who loses consciousness when she runs

Among the pack of runners one moment, collapsed on the ground and frothing at the mouth the next. For a short time she is lost to the convulsion and then she scrambles to her feet and sprints away. Katie Cooke will not let epilepsy get in the way of a race.

The 19-year-old student from Cherrywood, South Dublin, has what her specialist doctor calls the "Arsenal of epilepsy" and contends with up to 15 convulsions a day which render her unconscious.

"Your whole body is shaking, you can feel your muscles jumping, it feels like everything has been sucked out of you, you can't breathe," she says.

"Every single day you lose control."

Despite having to cope with multiple seizures when she runs, Cooke has won prestigious events including her age group in the Dublin City Marathon and she runs 5km in under 17 minutes. She can often be seen pounding the streets with her running partner, Dr Colin Doherty, who also happens to be her consultant neurologist. Read more:

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